SMAH App - Logo & First Screen

SMAH App – Logo & First Screen

The logo is text-based representing the communications and chat nature of the app, with the four panels and various colours and shades representing the variety of people and the emotions and personalities.

SMAH App - Create Profile

SMAH App – Create Profile

Creating a profile has a whimsical air to encourage that meeting people is fun and like a game. Fields like “mental age” and interesting “traits” options allow users to express themselves outside of conventional profile forms.

SMAH App - Generate Image

SMAH App – Generate Image

Generating images can either be done through touch or by voice input. The app will interpret any input (even text) to then render a visual image based on an arbitrary algorithm. The aim is to create something new and abstract to be re-interpreted and given new or different meaning apart from the original intention.

SMAH App - Create Profile Complete

SMAH App – Create Profile Complete

After a user has created their profile, their information is then obfuscated: any other users seeing their information will see crossed out placeholder blocks that represent a user’s personal details. Only once a user reveals this information within a chat room can other users see it.

SMAH App - Top Level Menu & Human Search

SMAH App – Top Level Menu & Human Search

The top-level menu allows a user global access to primary app features and functions.

When searching for a human via the app, funny and interesting quotes will be utilised to recommend finding humans elsewhere (primarily real-world locations) away from the app itself.

SMAH App - Introduce Yourself

SMAH App – Introduce Yourself

When two users are matched they are prompted to generate an image to introduce each other. Their two separate images will then be combined to create a new image. Instead of standard “hi, how’s it going?” introductions, immediately the users have an interesting artistic collaboration to talk about. The intention is to make the participants work together to generate some minor connection and talking point.

SMAH App - Chat Dialogue

SMAH App – Chat Dialogue

As the users participate in their dialogue together, they may reveal personal information about themselves. The app can detect (based on the information they entered in their profile) to prompt whether they really want to share this with the other. This way it gets each user considering their actions when sharing private information, creating a stronger conviction with the value of their personal data and sharing it with others whom they may not entirely know yet. All relationships rely on some level of trust and vulnerability, so the app serves to encourage and inform users about this.