Bow Arrow "Aleph Null" Cover Art

Bow Arrow “Aleph Null” Cover Art

The original cover illustration was by Penny Ferguson. I added an extra 3D element (the Hebrew character Aleph, and a zero), one that affects the theme of glitch/distortion.

Bow Arrow "Aleph Null" Website - Home

Bow Arrow “Aleph Null” Website – Home

The site was constructed to be a single scrolling page. There were some subtle parallax effects also integrated into the design.

Bow Arrow "Aleph Null" Website - Track Listing

Bow Arrow “Aleph Null” Website – Track Listing

The track listing is actually interactive: clicking on the song titles would start playing the track via the SoundCloud player API. You could browse the site as the music played.

Bow Arrow "Aleph Null" Website - About

Bow Arrow “Aleph Null” Website – About

I incorporated a press release and the album’s liner notes into the site. Since there is currently no physical release, the website acts as “digital packaging” for the album.

Bow Arrow "Aleph Null" Website - Text

Bow Arrow “Aleph Null” Website – Text

All the lyrics for the songs on the album were also included on the website.